Mother Nature Is Giving Us Permission

The current crisis is transforming the way we live.

From Paris to New York, we are mostly staying home, and we are only going outside for necessities.

We find ourselves thinking and acting with more benevolence.
With our neighbors, with our fellow citizens, and with the world in general.

It’s very seldom that we live all through the same experience, and we are all united with the same hope.

This is universal and powerful.

This is like Mother Nature has sent us a message.
A message to slow down. To live with less. To be more mindful of each other.

We are witnessing wonderful things in various parts of the world.
For example, air pollution in Paris is at its lowest level in 40 years.

I think Mother Nature is giving us permission.
The permission to create wonders and to build the future we want to see when the crisis is over.

What are the wonders you want to create and the future you want to build?

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