Choose To Be Optimistic If You Cannot Be Positive

Spring has arrived.

This is usually the time of the year when sales are picking up as customers are updating their wardrobe for the summer.
This is also usually the time of the year for fall-winter press days.
This is usually the time of the year when we are developing our new collection for next year.

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Time For Collaboration Within The Industry

These days, masks are given in priority to healthcare workers and caregivers that are battling on the front line. We are grateful for the work they are doing.

But there are also people that are working in food stores and delivery services. We are also grateful to them for showing up day after day.

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Take Your Customers Where You Want Them To Go

Show them clearly where you want to take them.

Don’t try to sell.
Instead share your vision, consistently.
Again and again.

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Doing Things Differently

My yoga teacher is taking her classes online.
The fruit stall in my local market is taking phone orders and making home deliveries.
Even the last G20 meeting was held on a video conference.

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You Don’t Need Fame

You don’t need your brand to be famous.

You just need your brand to be known by the few that share your values.
The few that will appreciate the work you do.
The few that will thank you for how you’ve positively impacted their lives.

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