Choose To Be Optimistic If You Cannot Be Positive

Spring has arrived.

This is usually the time of the year when sales are picking up as customers are updating their wardrobe for the summer.
This is also usually the time of the year for fall-winter press days.
This is usually the time of the year when we are developing our new collection for next year.

But this year is not business as usual. And it would be foolish to believe that we can run our fashion business the way we have planned.

It’s hard to stay positive but for once, we can give ourselves permission to be negative about the situation.

Everyone involved in the fashion business is being affected by the crisis and many brands are facing financial distress. This is daunting but this is also accelerating the much-needed transformation of the fashion industry.

However, the industry is forced to make a clean sweep. This makes room for more conscious and authentic independent brands, just like yours, to emerge and to thrive.

This crisis has created unexpected opportunities for the most resilient and most relevant brands to be part of the fashion industry transformation.

Take a moment and imagine the future of fashion and the role of your business in the new model. How are you relevant to the fashion industry? What value are you bringing to your customers? to the world?
What is your vision? What does that mean to be resilient for a brand?

Since we are starting with a clean state, you can allow yourself to think boldly.

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