Empowering Women To Show Up Authentically In The World by Kathleen Audet

Kathleen Audet is the founder of Your Authentic Image, an image consulting business she has been developing for 20 years.


Kathleen helps her clients connect who they are on the inside with how they show up in the world. What her clients have achieved with her is just amazing as she has helped them advance in their lives and career. Kathleen will tell us all about her unique holistic approach to image consulting and she will also share some transformation stories about the clients she has helped. In this conversation, Kathleen will share some tips I’ve personally found very useful on how we could show up in the world more authentically, and we will also discuss how Kathleen uses her business as a platform to spread awareness on sustainability issues in the fashion sector.


  • Kathleen’s approach to image consulting is to help people connect who they are on the inside to the clothing on the outside (2:29)
  • Women’s closets are usually overstuffed, too many clothes but no outfits (6:37)  
  • Decluttering closets (7:30)   
  • Image improvement tip #1: wear colors (8:09) 
  • Image improvement tip #2: get a seamstress or a tailor (10:00) 
  • Image improvement tip #3: be clear about where you are getting your image from (10:30) 
  • How Kathleen helped a successful executive with a college student looking style transition to a corporate role (12:12)  
  • How Kathleen helped her client keep her job and get promoted twice (14:24 )
  • To take helped her client gain confidence to take over her dad’s company (17:30)
  • Kathleen’s life vision: a world where women would be heard in the same capacity that men (19:07)  
  • Clothing can be used as resources (20:15)
  • Kathleen uses her business as a platform to increase awareness for better fashion consumption (23:29) 


In the first part of our conversation, we talked about how Kathleen is helping her clients advance in their lives and careers by showing them how they could connect who they are on the inside with how they show up in the world. We also talked about Kathleen’s perspective on today’s environmental challenges in the fashion business and how she uses her business as a platform to raise awareness. Now, in this part of our conversation, we will have some serious (but not too much) business talk. Kathleen will share with us some parts of her entrepreneurial journey, and some of the learnings she got along the way. Welcome again: Kathleen Audet.


  • Kathleen’s entrepreneurial journey (1:55)  
  • On being an image consultant from a more holistic point of view (3:15)  
  • Why continuous learning is so important (5:05)  
  • Learning stories from doing the work, asking for help & sticking to your values (7:31)  
  • Learning to decline “opportunities” (8:54) 
  • What Kathleen loves about her work “people learning and growing and moving towards who they are, how they’re created to be and, and that makes them happy and more productive and more useful in the world” (14:06)
  • What’s coming next for Your Authentic Image and Kathleen  (17:01)  

CONNECT WITH KATHLEEN at Your Authentic Image  https://yourauthenticimage.com

Kathleen Audet Your Authentic Image

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