Like most people in this community, you want your work to matter

Leekei Tang Mindful Business FounderWhether your fashion business is conscious, green, or sustainable, or you seek to fight global warming or to provide a better livelihood for those involved in your business, you’re committed to using your business to matter to the world.

You know that there’s not just one kind of contribution, you also want to contribute from various perspectives: environmental, social, economic… and beyond.

You are after long-lasting, multi-dimensional contribution.

And that really MATTERS.

Your business is your platform to create the change you want to see in the world.

Hi, I’m Leekei Tang, a fashion business founder, a business coach, an international development expert, and a podcaster from Paris, France. 

My mission is to help you grow your business in a way that better serves the world and improves the lives of those involved in your business, today and tomorrow.


Independent businesses have the power (and the responsibility) to contribute to a brighter and fairer world. Unlike larger companies, small businesses are more agile and are more fit to integrate innovative solutions and better practices. But more importantly, small businesses are mostly financially independent, therefore, they can afford to be at the service of their customers and of the world.


I empower people and independent fashion business owners to create positive impacts they want by building brands and companies that reflect their inner values. I’ve worked with dozens of entrepreneurs helping them translate their unique vision into the business operations. As a result, they created authentic alignment and built stronger connections with their customers. 

I also help international organizations and trade organizations develop their fashion business entrepreneurs’ community.

Please contact me by email for questions and inquiries.