Initiate, Innovate, Create

I launched my brand in the midst of the subprime crisis.
It might sound counter-intuitive but in retrospect, I think it was a smart move.

I was able to finally partner with factories that usually only work with more established brands but because of the dire economic situation, these factories were more flexible and accepted smaller production orders from emerging brands, like mine.

The products we developed were unique in terms of design and price point. I was able to grow my team and my business in rather innovative ways.

I think this was made much easier because we were in the midst of an economic crisis where most of us needed to explore new paths.

In a time of economic downturn and uncertainties, businesses are more adaptable as we all need to bend our production and sales models.

This is the perfect time to initiate a conversation.
This is the perfect time for innovation.
This is the perfect time to create.

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